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This is the Cherokee High School TSA chapter page...welcome!

2015 Regional Competitors
2015 Regional Competitors

Here are our 2015 regional winners:

·         1st place Architectural Renovation (Jake Brooks, Travis Behnke, Izak Felder, and Luke Morgan)

·         1st place Essays on Technology (Mollie Price)

·         2nd place Web Design (Ethan Mullins and Anne McGrew)

·          2nd place Video Game Design (Bryce Mullins, Garrett Carter, Corbin Delph, Randi Buck, Nick Karig, Jay Amin, and Giovani Ciazza)

Here are our 2014 regional winners:

·         1st place Architectural Renovation (Nick Bevens, Peyton Lawson, Izak Felder, Dewey Bush, and Luke Morgan)

·         1st place Music Production (Megan Roark and Macy Parker)

·         1st place Debating Technological Issues (Tanner Charles and Mollie Price)

·         1st place Dragster Design (Luke Morgan)

·         2nd place Web Design (Mollie Price, Ethan Mullins, and Patrick O’Conner)

·         3rd place Vex Robotics (Patrick O’Conner, Garrett Carter, and Dewey Bush)