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Supply List 


Materials Needed for Spanish 1, 2017-18:

This is a list of materials that you will need to bring to Spanish class every day. Do not expect these items to be provided for you. You are responsible for bringing them daily.

ü  A three ring binder and paper for note taking and in class activities. You need dividers for your binder. You will need a section for:

       o   Bell Work

       o   Vocabulary

       o   Grammar Notes

       o   Writing

ü  Writing utensils (pencils or dark colored pens) Please do not use red pens or colors that are hard to see. (i.e. yellow).

ü  Dry Erase markers for you

ü  Optional: Spanish/English dictionary

ü  (Not a material) A daily commitment to work, try your best, and participate. There are no free days.

***We will only have a classroom set of textbooks. These books will not be allowed to leave the room, so please be prepared to have a notebook. I have a limited number of books that may be checked out upon request and returned the following school day. ***