About The School

Mission Statement

The mission of Cherokee High School is to graduate respectful, responsible, and reliable citizens.

Our Beliefs

  • Students are our greatest natural resource, our hope for the future, and our top priority.
  • Students are unique humane beings with varying social, physical, emotional, academic, and vocational needs.
  • Students learn best when they respect themselves, their teachers, their school, and their community; therefore, all stakeholders (faculty, staff, parents, community) must partner together to ensure a safe, supportive environment.
  • Students perform best when clear goals are set forth, standards are held high, and when they are challenged, motivated, encouraged, and praised.
  • Students should be provided with a variety of instructional approaches - innovative and tailored to meet and fulfill their individual needs.
  • Students should be educated by all school personnel to become self-directed, character-driven citizens.
  • All stakeholders in education should be actively involved and share responsibility in ensuring that students and the educational institution reach their fullest potential.
  • All educational programs - whether instructional, assessment, or disciplinary - should be well-defined, supported, and reinforced.

Year Built:  1980

School Colors: Red & White