Welcome to the Library Media Center (LMC) at Cherokee High School!

Our LMC is headed by our certified Library Information Specialist, Chad Laster. Laster received a B.A. in English from ETSU before later earning a M.S.Ed. in Library Media from the University of Nebraska at Kearney. The UNK library program is one of an elite group accredited by both ALA/AASL and NCATE! In addition, he participated in several study abroad programs in remote areas of the world such as the Himalayan Mountains, The Amazon Jungle, and the rain forests of Central America. Combined with a Masters Degree in Instructional Technology, Mr. Laster brings a dynamic "media" approach to this world of literature and research. He believes that books are not obsolete but can be used with technology to integrate informative research techniques that will offer CHS students an advantage during their post-secondary education.

2012 - New Cart of 30 Macbooks acquired.

2013 - New Cart of 30 Macbook Airs acquired.

2014 (Spring)- New 37 Dell Desktops installed as lab#1

2014 (Fall)     - New 29 Dell Desktops installed as lab #2

2015 - Office Space created in the LMC for ESL services

2016 - New Projector, 2 Printers, and Speakers acquired for LMC

2017 - Office Space created in LMC for a local governmental agency 

2017 - Conference Room created in LMC for Teacher PLC meetings

2018 - Office Space created in LMC for a local health care agency

2019 - New Cart of 25 Dell Chromebooks acquired +18 extra.

2019 - Paint the Library Media Center

2019 - New Dual Enrollment Student Lounge

2020 - Office Space for HC Schools Instructional Tech Teacher

2020 - New Green Screen Makerspace + new iPads added

2021 - Added new Yearbook Room